How to Send Email from WordPress

If you wish to use EmailForwardMX to send email from WordPress, we recommend the free WP Mail SMTP plugin.

In the plugin settings, choose "Other SMTP", and configure it as below:



Port Issues: If you cannot send using port 2525, you can also try using port 587 (TLS).

Port Blocking: Some cPanel shared hosting providers will block outbound SMTP. Often, by using port 2525, you can get around this restriction.
However, if it is still not working, you may need to contact your web hosting provider to see if they'll unblock SMTP for you.
The other option in this situation is to use your web host's SMTP server. They can assist you with configuring that.

Host Impersonating Domain Name: Your server must have a unique hostname, eg, that is different from your WordPress site's domain.
This is not an issue for most sites that will use EmailForwardMX to send emails from WordPress, however if it is not configured correctly, you will get this error:

SERVER -> CLIENT: 550 Bad HELO - Host impersonating domain name

The fix for this is to set a unique hostname for the server. Please ask your server administrator to correct this for you.

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