CSV import

If you want to import a lot of aliases during your account creation process, we offer a CSV import via our support team.

To use this, first add the domain(s) to your EmailForwardMX account.

Then, create a CSV file with the following 3 columns: domain,user,destination

In the domain column, put the domain that you wish to create the forwarder on - e.g. thenextbigwebsite.com

In the user column, put the username that you wish to forward for, without the domain - e.g. jason

In the destination column, put the destination email addresses. Separate multiple destination addresses (up to 10) with a comma. e.g. [email protected]

Your final CSV row should look like this:

thenextbigwebsite.com,jason,[email protected]

Once you have prepared the CSV file, open a ticket with our support team and attach the CSV file. We'll get that imported for you in the next 24 hours.

Please note that we don't offer CSV updates or deletions. We recommend building an integration using our API for that.

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