Reasons Why Your E-Mails End Up in the Spam Folder

Factors that can cause emails to end up in your spam/junk folder include:

  • Sender name and email address matches the name on the destination mailbox - it's common to see spam to come from the person's name
  • The domain was only registered recently - most popular mail providers won't trust domains until they're sufficiently aged, ie 30+ days
  • SPF records not set, or set incorrectly - please ensure that you set your SPF are set correctly for your forwarded emails to work
  • DKIM records set incorrectly - incorrect DKIM records will result in delivery failures
  • Lower cost TLDs are often used by spammers, resulting in that extension being less trusted or blocked by providers - see Spamhaus' list of the worst TLDs here
  • Microsoft and Proofpoint are very difficult with their spam filters, so any of those factors are more likely to cause issues when delivering to their customers


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