Does EmailForwardMX Support Zoho Split Delivery?

While we understand the appeal of Zoho Split Delivery, we regret to inform you that it cannot be used for domains hosted on our service. This article aims to explain the reasons behind this limitation and provide alternative solutions.

In order to receive emails from Zoho's Split Delivery system, we need to ignore the SPF records on all emails received from Zoho's IPs as they do not rewrite the email envelope when they forward messages to the secondary server.

As a result, we face these issues:

  1. IP Whitelisting Challenges: Zoho Split Delivery relies on whitelisting Zoho's IPs to ensure proper mail routing. However, implementing IP whitelisting for Zoho across all domains hosted on our servers presents significant challenges. It would require us to whitelist Zoho's IPs for all customers, which could potentially lead to spam-related issues.

  2. Increased Risk of Spam: Whitelisting Zoho's IPs for all customers on our servers could inadvertently expose our email infrastructure to spam from malicious actors on their service. While Zoho is a reputable service provider, the nature of email delivery means that malicious actors could exploit this whitelist to bypass spam filters and deliver unwanted or harmful emails.

  3. Maintenance and Support Complexities: Managing IP whitelisting for a large number of domains hosted on our service introduces complexity in terms of maintenance and support. Constantly updating and managing the whitelist to accommodate changes in Zoho's infrastructure could strain our resources and impact the overall quality of service.

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