How to configure your forwarding rules

How to configure your email forwarding rules

Prerequisite: make sure that your DNS is set up to use the following MX records:



Record Type



@ or leave blank




@ or leave blank




You can verify your settings via . The result of your lookup should be like the screenshot below. screenshot

Log in to your dashboard using the following URL: Click on the registered domain name for which you want to configure the email forwarding rules. You can find your domain name under the “Your Active Products/Services” section.

Active products and services

On the next page, you can see the status of the requested service. Click on “Email Forwarders” to configure your email forwarding rules.

Email forwarders

We do check the MX records on your domain while loading the next page. If your MX records are not configured to use our services, you will see the following message:

MX Configuration check

Reach out to us if you need help with the configuration!

By default, we create email forwarders to the email address you used to register with our service.

You will find 3 options:

3 options Forward - Catch-ALL- Blackhole

Add forwarder

A Pop-up will appear when you click on the “Add forwarder” button. You may add 1 or more destination email addresses.

One destination

One destination email forwarder

Multiple destinations

Multiple destination email forwarder

Add blackhole

When you click “Add Blackhole”, you may enter the email address that will be used.

Blackhole email forwarder

Add Catch-All

When you click “Add Catch-All”, you may enter the email address that will be used. All emails sent to will be forwarded to your destination email. Mind the spam!

Catch-all email forwarder

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